Photography for the Fun and Awkward

“900 years of time and space, and I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important.” – Doctor Who

Are you super awkward? A big nerd?

Does everyone say you’re quirky?

Whether you are a jedi or just dance to the beat of your own drum, welcome. 

Embracing your true self is our core belief and we can’t wait to meet you!


You want a photographer that just gets you.

Someone that takes the time to listen. Someone that can make you laugh and is there to hold your hand when you cry.

You want not just a photographer but a friend.


You don’t want your photos to be posed like every wedding you’ve seen before. You want it to feel natural and comfortable.

Your photographs will be with just simple direction. No mannequins allowed.

Trust me.

You can create beautiful photographs by just being yourselves

Your wedding photography should be as unique as you are.

We know how much this moment means to you.

It should be special, deliriously happy, and authentic.



Ashleigh + Nick

For our wedding day….Nicole did not disappoint! She brought her fun and exciting energy with her and it showed in the final products! I would highly suggest Nicole, she does great work and makes it fun!!

Kate + Kevin

We are not typically at ease in front of the camera, but we were SO pleased with how our pictures turned out. We have gotten so many compliments about how she captured us perfectly as a couple in the photos.

Carissa + Pat

You can really tell that Nicole cares about every photo she takes and it shows in the finished product. She kept us naturally laughing and smiling the entire time and all of our friends can’t stop raving about how great the photos turned out.

Joe + Dennis

We already fell in love with Nicole prior to meeting her during our consultation over the phone. She is full of life, tons of personality, friendly, creative and super passionate about photography and getting to know her clients fully. We would highly recommend Nicole because she makes the whole experience amazing and memorable plus the photos are STUNNING! Nicole is the whole package!

Ellisa + Henry

Nicole helped my fiancé and I feel at ease throughout the shoot and really just enjoy each other and the experience. Nicole’s energy and laugh are contagious and her creative eye is everything we could have dreamed of.

Corey + Tim

My fiance and I aren’t the most comfortable in front of a camera, but Nicole made us have fun and forget that we were posing. She has exuberant energy that really fueled the shoot and came through in the final product.

Joanna + Anthony

Nicole was the absolute best to work with! From the moment we had our first conversation I knew we would be a perfect match. She was incredible and creative and am absolute pleasure to work with! Not only is she fantastic but so was her team! Amanda and Daniel were also incredible. It would be an honor to work with Nicole again!

Amanda + John

She was amazing! Nicole made us feel relaxed and her energy encouraged us to loosen up and have fun without worrying about the camera. At the ceremony and reception, Nicole captured our wedding exactly how we want to remember it- luminous, intimate, heartfelt, and a touch of silliness. She was wonderful to work with and her work was beautiful!!!!

Jenna + Patrick

I can’t imagine my wedding day going as well as it did without Nicole there. She was encouraging and fun and kind, and made me feel beautiful and comfortable in front of her camera. and, now that I have my pictures back from her, it turns out she’s an absolute genius!! Every picture she took is more beautiful than the last, and I can’t imagine how to even start narrowing them down. I’m so grateful she was a part of my day, and the pictures she took are the best memories I could have asked for. I’m going to shout her name from the rooftops as my first and only recommendation for the rest of my life.

Danielle + Steve

Comfortable. We’re all more than a bit camera shy and it was that extra level of comfort with Nicole that allowed for us to get amazing pictures. I love Nicole’s particular touch when it comes to photography. Her ability to play with light is what initially drew me into her portfolio and it was such a thrill to see those same qualities in my own wedding and engagement photos.

Stephanie + Elan

We got our digital photos today and we can’t imagine what would have been if Nicole wasn’t with us- there isn’t a single shot we don’t like- and there were over 900 photos!! Planning a wedding is stressful so to be able to enjoy our day 150% and have it all captured on film is
something I’ll forever be grateful to Nicole and her team for—- she’s the one you want lying on the ground in the middle of February in a field by the water to get “the perfect shot”, or down on the dance floor to get “just the right angle.” Nicole- you are a dream! And such a pleasure to work with! Thank you thank you from the bottom of our hearts for capturing our perfect day in the most perfect way— You are amazing!

Lily + Chad

Nicole is by far the most talented and efficient photographer I have ever worked with. Her calm, fun and easy-going demeanor totally put you at ease and make you feel like you’ve been long-time friends! My fiance and I had an absolute blast shooting our engagement photos with her, and I would recommend Nicole to ANYONE! She’s caring, responsive and takes her time to really get to know each client. It’s apparent she loves what she does. Wedding planning can be super overwhelming, but she has totally put our minds at ease with her knack for planning and setting timelines for our big day. I know we will be in good hands, and we are so excited to share our day with her.


Carly & Dave | Old City, Phila, PA

Carly & Dave | Old City, Phila, PA

Carly and Dave wanted a mix of romance and fun for their engagement session. Since they love Old City Philadelphia as much as I do we decided to start at Washington Square Park. We got to enjoy the beautiful sunny day as we moseyed through the park and over to the...


Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me and my work. I believe that you deserve the absolute best. I do not take every wedding I'm approached to shoot because it's truly important that I clique with each and every person I photograph.

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