Sometimes you meet a couple and you know right away these are my people. Corey and Tim are two quirky, funny, very intelligent nerds. That is where we first bonded. Then to found out they also have a Shih-Tzu pup…. well it clearly was destiny.

The proposal. Tim took Corey to the beach and began to hand her little origami animals. After he handed each one to her, he would say something sweet about their relationship. The last origami creation he handed her was a little heart. In the heart was the engagement ring.

For their engagement session, we wanted a little mix of everything near where they lived together. We started at their apartment and captured some photos with George, their pup. Then we walked around to this yellow house that Corey loves. She is a big fan of color. From there we hopped from spot to spot around the Philadelphia Gayborhood/ South Philly area.