Estate at Eagle Lake Wedding

Megan and Dave, Chesterfield, NJ

Venue: Estate at Eagle Lake

Makeup: Make by Milan

Florist: Russo Floral Design

Videographers: Flagship Studios

Caterer: Summit Catering

DJ: Walter Klaus Entertainment

Jeweler: Family & Co. Jewelers

When I arrived at Eagle Lake, I was only half surprised to see Dave with one of his daughters out on the lake.

Dave is extremely outgoing and the life of the party. This is why Megan is his perfect partner. They balance each other so well with his exuberance and her more reserved character. Somehow together they seem to meet in the middle.

When they were searching for a wedding venue in South Jersey, I knew the Estate at Eagle Lake was the right blend of fun and relaxed for the both of them.

Before the wedding, Megan’s mother had given her this beautiful letter written by Megan’s grandfather to her grandmother many years ago. It may be the most perfect thing I have ever read.

Megan’s son played the guitar as her father walked her down the aisle. Their ceremony on the lake was a blend of both of their religions, Catholic and Judaism. Megan’s son and Dave’s daughters held the handmade chuppah over the bride and groom.