“900 years of time and space, and I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important.”

– The Doctor.

Are you super awkward? A big nerd?

Does everyone say you’re quirky?

Whether you are a jedi or just dance to the beat of your own drum, welcome.

Embracing your true self is our core belief and we can’t wait to meet you!

You want a photographer that just gets you. 

Someone that takes the time to listen.
Someone that can make you laugh and holds your hand when you cry.

You want not just a photographer but a friend.

New Jersey & Philadelphia Wedding & Family Photography



Amber and Chris | Ledges Hotel

Amber and Chris | Ledges Hotel

Venue: Ledges Hotel Makeup: Bluebird Brides Florist: Simply Silk Florals DJ: Complete Weddings and Events VIEW MORE OF MY WORK PORTFOLIO Weddings Photo Gallery Engagements Photo Gallery Child & Family Photo Gallery CONTACTCONTACTThank you so much for taking the...

Sweet Moments of the NCP Family

Sweet Moments of the NCP Family

A short video of our beautiful people and their sweet moments captured by us. I wanted to choose a song as special as my couples are to me. The song "Anthem" was written by my spouse, Nicholas Reed, as a gift for my first birthday spent with them. They recorded this...

Amanda and John | At Home Wedding in South Jersey

Amanda and John | At Home Wedding in South Jersey

Sometimes a matchmaker can actually know what's best. Amanda and John were setup together by a mutual friend. On their first date, they went for a motorcycle ride, got ice cream, and then went bowling. Needless to say, it went well. The story of their proposal is just...

Ashleigh and Nick | Spring Hollow Golf Club

Ashleigh and Nick | Spring Hollow Golf Club

"I feel like I can be myself around him." Ashleigh's response to what she loved most about Nick just felt like the perfect answer. Nick, in his true amiable way, agreed he felt exactly the same about her. Two best friends that loved trying new food, cozying up on the...

Unbearably awkward at posing? AWESOME!

You don’t want your photos to be posed like every wedding you’ve seen before. You want it to feel natural and comfortable.

Your photographs will be with just simple direction. No mannequins allowed.

Trust me.

You can create beautiful photographs by just being yourselves

Your wedding photography should be as unique as you are.


We know how much this moment means to you.

It should be special, deliriously happy, and authentic.



Joanna and Anthony

She was incredible and creative and am absolute pleasure to work with! It would be an honor to work with Nicole again!

Amanda and John

She was amazing! Nicole made us feel relaxed and her energy encouraged us to loosen up and have fun without worrying about the camera.

Danielle and Steve

We’re all more than a bit camera shy and it was that extra level of comfort with Nicole that allowed for us to get amazing pictures.


Your legacy means much more than a bunch of likes.



We believe you deserve the absolute best!!! So we do not take every wedding. It’s essential for us to make we are the perfect fit for you and vice versa. We would love to hear more about you and find out if we are a perfect match.