Joanna + Anthony

Nicole was the absolute best to work with! From the moment we had our first conversation I knew we would be a perfect match. She was incredible and creative and am absolute pleasure to work with! Not only is she fantastic but so was her team! Amanda and Daniel were also incredible. It would be an honor to work with Nicole again!

Amanda + John

She was amazing! Nicole made us feel relaxed and her energy encouraged us to loosen up and have fun without worrying about the camera. At the ceremony and reception, Nicole captured our wedding exactly how we want to remember it- luminous, intimate, heartfelt, and a touch of silliness. She was wonderful to work with and her work was beautiful!!!!

Jenna + Patrick

I can’t imagine my wedding day going as well as it did without Nicole there. She was encouraging and fun and kind, and made me feel beautiful and comfortable in front of her camera. and, now that I have my pictures back from her, it turns out she’s an absolute genius!! Every picture she took is more beautiful than the last, and I can’t imagine how to even start narrowing them down. I’m so grateful she was a part of my day, and the pictures she took are the best memories I could have asked for. I’m going to shout her name from the rooftops as my first and only recommendation for the rest of my life.

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