The Best Places for Engagement Photos in Philadelphia



October 27, 2021


Nicole Cordisco


Your engagement session is all about documenting the unique, quirky tale that is your love story – and though your love may be a little more than “brotherly,” Philadelphia offers plenty of fun locations to explore, from historic buildings to lush green gardens to colorful murals. To help you pick a backdrop that feels right for you, here are the best places for engagement photos in Philadelphia!

18th Century Garden

The 18th Century Garden is a historic spot, modeled after an English garden from the 1700s. It’s one of the best places for engagement photos in Philadelphia for couples who want a little bit of nature in their images. There’s a gorgeous gazebo, and the geometric design of the garden provides plenty of tree lined paths, flowers, and greenery to choose from for your backdrop!

Race Street Pier

Located right on the Delaware River, the Race Street Pier offers waterfront views, as well as the epic scenery of the towering bridge. There’s an upper level with a promenade in the sky, and a lower level for relaxing! This is one of the best places for engagement photos in Philadelphia, combining the urban landscape with gorgeous views of the river. Bring a picnic and relax by the water – it’ll be a fun activity to add to your photos! 

Ben Franklin Bridge

The Ben Franklin Bride is a big suspension bridge across the Delaware River, connecting Pennsylvania to New Jersey. There’s a pedestrian walkway across the bridge, providing a convenient place for engagement photos! The scenery is especially spectacular at sunset – the bridge, the twinkling city lights in the distance, and the water all come together to create a magical view.

Elfreth’s Alley

Though it sounds like something out of Harry Potter, the only magic (sorry to disappoint) happening here will be the two of you in front of the camera! Elfreth Alley is a residential street, packing three hundred years of history in its brick architecture and cobblestone streets. It’s one of the best places for engagement photos in Philadelphia for a look at the city’s history, and you can even visit the Elfreth’s Alley Museum to take a peek at the colonial homes of two dressmakers.

Philadelphia Museum of Art & Water Works

With this spot, you get two locations! The Philadelphia Museum of Art, with its dramatic stone steps, towering columns, and gorgeous architecture is one of the most iconic views, and one of the best places for engagement photos in Philadelphia! Behind the museum, you’ll find some greenery and views of the Schuylkill River. If you schedule your engagement session for the spring, you might even get to see the cherry blossoms in bloom! Water Works is located at the foot of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, so I definitely recommend hitting up both for your engagement photos. You’ll have views of the city skyline and the gorgeous waterfront. 

There’s even a fancy restaurant called the Water Works Restaurant, so you can turn your engagement session into a date night and enjoy the delicious seafood, and all the flavors of Philadelphia!

Fishtown Murals

The murals painted all over the city are a representation of the grit, hope, love, and community of the people who live in Philadelphia. Fishtown is especially popular, with a huge collection of murals – so you won’t have to look far! The incredible outdoor art gallery is a collection of different artists and styles, creating a gorgeous site in the urban landscape. It’s the perfect place for engagement photos for couples who want to capture the culture and spirit of Philadelphia!

A couple is standing facing each other, leaning against a mural at Fishtown in Philadelphia. They are taking engagement photos.

Drexel Park

Drexel Park is an open green space near the Drexel University campus, providing a place to stroll on walking paths, sit on the benches and take in the city skyline, or have a picnic in the grass! As the sun sets, this becomes a gorgeous place for photos with the city lights.

A couple is standing facing each other, taking engagement photos at Drexel Park.

Philadelphia Navy Yard

The Philadelphia Navy Yard is a unique spot to take engagement photos, featuring huge ships on the waterfront. This was actually the first naval shipyard in the United States, and the military facility has since been transformed into a landmark of Philadelphia, and a great waterfront spot to explore.

The Gayborhood 

In the heart of Washington Square West is the Gayborhood – Philadelphia’s center for the LGBTQ+ community scene! This area is a hotspot for shopping, dining, and nightlife, so it’s the perfect place to take some photos with the city lights! There are also plenty of cute, tree lined streets and little nooks of the city to explore.

A couple is standing facing each other. They are taking engagement photos in front of the Spruce Street Market in Philadelphia.

Strolling Around Old City

One of my favorite things to do during an engagement session is to take my couples for a little stroll around the city! Sometimes the best locations are those little corners of town where you find the perfect garden, or the most adorable cobblestone street. Some of the best places for engagement photos in Philadelphia that I mentioned in this list are located in Old City, and going for a walk and stopping at a few is a great way to get different backdrops, and to have a little urban adventure!

Old City is named Old City because, well, the city is old! Some of the oldest streets in the county can be found here, along with 18th century row houses and popular historic sites like Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, and the Betsy Ross House.

A couple is sitting on a doorstep in Philadelphia, taking engagement photos.

Ready to Find the Best Place for Your Engagement Session?

Most couples feel nervous at the thought of being in front of the camera, afraid they’ll be awkward, worried about where to put their hands.

But listen – your engagement photos are meant to capture the two of you – awkward included. Every part of your session should be about you, and celebrating every single part of your relationship. We’re not about robotic poses and forced smiles, and stress and self-consciousness have no part in any of your wedding day – not even the stuff leading up to it!

So we’re ready to help you find the perfect place for your engagement photos, crack up together about the awkwardness we share, and have a blast as we document your unique, once in a universe love.

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